About Us


Shwan Zangana
Director and Founder
ESL Specialist
Ontario, CANADA

The 90s, tragic events lurked around Iraq afresh: incessant wars, ceaseless civil upheavals, and unprecedented international sanctions and embargoes. These calamities have pushed the most opulent and prosperous nation to the edge of poverty, demoralization, emasculation, and decadence! Assuredly, people having experienced these catastrophes were not in a position to embrace or even cogitate about any educational endeavors. However, ZANGANA challenged the status quo by offering far-reaching free training courses and was efficacious in exposing the distressed and reluctant learners to the Languages and Information Technology. During this period, it was next to impossible to come across any expat in the country, yet ZANGANA stayed on to become the Pioneer in the educational arena today.

We have been quite competent and triumphant in designing creative language programs to cultivate our learners’ needs and foster swift acquisition. For instance, in Korea, we came up with an intensive 6-month English Conversation program taking an absolute beginner to competency. Furthermore, we evolved this tour de force and wrote the book: GET THE DRIFT in Korea which by itself was an innovative linguistic success! These accretions led the name ZANGANA into the realm of success and prestige in those regions where language schools were numerous and mushroomed quite rapidly.


e have been blessed by our intuitive, professional, and diligent instincts and inarguably, Quality has remained our top priority! In order to make the learners’ stay at ZANGANA the most rewarding, we invariably make changes to our curriculum and implement the improvised strategies in modified and tailored versions. Exultantly, throughout our teaching journey not even a single learner has ever dispraised our teaching doctrine or complained that his/her educational sojourn at ZANGANA has been fruitless. We have been able to turn an illiterate person in his/her native language into an articulate English/French speaker expeditiously. Our success rate is 99.9% especially when it comes to the international tests: TOEFL, IELTS, TFI, PET, and SAT. Our achievements worldwide have kept ZANGANA at the epitome of fame!

Area of Expertise

  • Intensive Language Programs
  • Simplified Language Programs
  • orporate English Training
  • Conversation Programs
  • VIP Language Programs
  • Learning English through Music
  • Bilingual Education
  • ZANGANA... The Name You Can Trust!

  • In 1993, ZANGANA published the first English Journal and organized the
  • first Job Interview and Resume workshops in the region
  • From 1993 to Present, ZANGANA has helped hundreds of students to get visas and admissions to prestigious universities in Canada, UK and the USA in order for them to pursue their undergraduate/postgraduate studies
  • In 1994, ZANGANA anchored and produced the first English Teaching TV Program and opened the first multilingual Bookstore with books from the major International Publishers
  • In 1995, ZANGANA awarded the first Canadian Diploma in English and Quebec Certificate in French
  • In 1998, ZANGANA established the first Internet Café in Iraq ZANGANA... The Name Tells It All