ZANGANA - Programs & Courses

Our Courses are conducted by experienced Trainers whose first language is English, French, Arabic, Kurdish, and Mandarin

  • English Program
  • French Program
  • Arabic Program
  • Kurdish Program
  • Mandarin Program

  • ZANGANA offers you a Diploma in English, a Certificate in French and a Letter of recognition in English

     -  English Program

    One-year Diploma Program
  • English for Adults
  • General English
  • English for Specific Purposes, ESP
  • Academic English, EAP
  • Business English
  • Conversation Classes
  • Street Language (Slang/Dangerous English)
  • Preparation for International Examinations (TOEFL, IELTS, TFI, PET, and SAT)
  • English for Companies and Organizations
  • English for Hotel and Restaurant employees
  • English for the Travel and Tourism
  • English for Communicating and Negotiating in Business
  • English for the Office and Workplace
  • English for Banking
  • English for Legal means
  • English for Aviation
  • English for Espionage
  • English for Advertising
  • English for Military
  • English for the Politicians and Diplomats
  • English for Everyday Activities

    The gently graded syllabus guarantees steady progression, giving the kids a real sense of achievement and pride. Stunning visuals provide a motivating contest for successful learning. Classroom activities develop children’s confidence in climbing up the learning ladder higher and higher. Our program is pretty easy to teach as well as fun to use. This is the program to make all children smile. At ZANGANA, we invest in children to be ahead of the crowd since they are worth it!

    Individual coaching with a language instructor is a very vibrant way of capturing the mysteries of your linguistic potentials. The VIP programs are tailor-made to fit the educational needs of our Privileged learner with a 100% focus bien sur!

    Corporate English Training: CET
    Inasmuch as English has become Lingua Franca of the business world and indispensable for millions of professionals and their career, we consider Corporate English Training as an integral part of our curriculum and work in partnership with the entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, organizations, and employers to customize content and deliver comprehensive language training to suit their objectives, specific needs, and optimize business communication with colleagues both locally and globally.

     - French Program

  • Regular French Programs
  • Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, AdvancedFrench
  • One-year Certificate Program
  • French as a Foreign Language
  • Simplified French Program
  • Street French

  •  - Arabic Program

  • Basic Arabic
  • Intensive Arabic
  • Master Arabic

  •  - Kurdish Program

  • Kurdish Talk: the essential words and phrases for every guest in the region Kurdish via Romanletters
  • Standard Kurdish using Arabic letters